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Simple One-Way Workflow

With this Workflow you can manage most of the standard sites that are not often modified once they are live, typical use cases:

  • Corporate/informative websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs with an external comment system (disqus, discourse)
This is NOT recommended for other types of websites, such as:
  • Ecommerce websites
  • News sites
  • Forums
  • Blogs with internal (database stored) comment systems
For these kind of sites, please check the Advanced Workflows page.

This is the simplest possible workflow, where all phases are identical constantly. That is, the content of Develop, Demo and Production has to be always the same.

That means that when you push from one phase to the next, everything is replaced, both database contents and files.

In order to avoid inconsistencies or overwriting data whilst updating/upgrading/modifying your website in the Develop environment, the recommended sync strategy for this workflow is:

  1. Freeze/lock the Production Site: The site is still accessible for anonymous users, but it cannot be modified by administrators or any other type of website users
  2. Dump the Production version to the Develop environment to make sure the content is exactly the same
  3. Perform modifications/upgrades safely in the Develop environment
  4. Push the Develop version to the Demo phase to make sure everything works properly in the Live Hosting and/or get the approval of the client for the new modifications
  5. When everything works properly, publish the website again by pushing the Demo version to the Production phase. This environment will get automatically "unfrozen/unlocked" when pushed from the Demo phase, so it can be modified again by the website's users

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