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deevop helps you with all the repetitive tasks needed to start rolling a new site. With our installer you can have your site ready to work within minutes.

Most of the steps have default values already filled in, so you can skip them if you do not want to customize your installation.

Follow these steps to create a new site:

Choose My Sites Button: New Site Create New Site

New Site Menu
  1. First of all, enter the details for your new site
    Site Details Tab
  2. Second, select the type of site you want to create, whether a Production Site or a Sandbox environement with a subdomain provided by Deevop.
    • For a production site, assign one of your available domains.
      Fill in the hosting password if required.
      Previously, you should have added the production hosting.
      Choose Domain

      Choose whether you want the www prefix for the canonical url of your web page or not.

    • For a Sandbox, fill in the subdomain or leave the default
  3. Now select which Joomla Package you want to install, the Official Joomla Package or your own.
    For details on installing your own package, read Use Your Own Installation Package.
    Installation Package
  4. If you want to install extensions automatically, add them here.
    Previously, the extensions . zip file need to be uploaded to Administration > Storage > Joomla > extensions.
  5. Next, select tasks associated with Joomla! configuration.
    By default, deevop modifies some of the default Joomla! configuration settings.
    Click on the cogs to see the details.
    Click on "Add new operation" to see all the available operations. Drag & drop the operations to be performed.
  6. On the Hosting Tasks Tab, select the content of Production until you publish your site.
    • Select "Keep current content" to maintain your live site while you work on the new one.
    • Otherwise, you can choose between a blank page, a simple coming soon (this is the default, and uses your theme) or create at this moment the contents of the coming soon page.
    Choose Comming Soon
    Tip: To use you own coming soon page upload your html & images in a zip file to Administration > Storage > comingsoon
  7. For production sites, it is possible to create mailboxes automatically.
    Click on "Add new operation" to see the two available operations: Create webmaster's email account and Create Email Accounts.
    More information can be found here
    Select Mailboxes
  8. Next, select the operations on your addons.
    • Click on "Add new operation" to see the available addons: Google Analytics, Google Search Console and StatusCake.
    • Drag the desired operations to the area labeled "Drop operations here"
    • Click on the cogs for details.
    The addons need to be installed in advance. More information can be found here.
    Creating Site
  9. .
  10. Finally, click the button "Create New Site". deevop will create the three environments, preparing all the tools to manage the website.
    Created Site
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